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Sosnow and Associates navigates the corporate legal landscape while keeping individualized client needs at the forefront of each transaction.

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Corporate Governance

Sosnow and Associates PLLC provides comprehensive guidance in areas of corporate governance, taking into account the increasing role shareholder engagement has taken in recent years in the decision-making process. We aim to design structures that highlight best practices across industries while including interests of all stakeholders.

Emerging Companies

Our considerable experience working with startups and emerging companies is reflected in the comprehensive attention we give to each stage of a company’s lifecycle. We use this experience to navigate clients through the innumerous legal factors contributing to the structure and operation of a startup. Furthermore, our Firm offers services beyond company formation to ensure client success.

Fund Formation

We’ve worked with dozens of private investment funds, many of whom have operated within digital securities markets. Our firm is committed from beginning to end, working both with first-time fund sponsors and seasoned veterans to form investment funds. Furthermore, our extensive understanding of digital securities markets supports the efforts of those clients choosing to form funds in these markets.

Intellectual Property

Startups and growing ventures will undoubtedly be faced with the need to protect their creations, such as slogans, products, logos, and designs. Sosnow and Associates supports our clients throughout the filing and management of intellectual property, working both in-house and with outside service providers to ensure your ideas stay your own.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Every merger or acquisition requires a tailored, individualized approach depending on the needs of parties being represented. Our firm is dedicated to effectively supporting our clients from beginning to end, guiding M&A deals from inception to close while taking all unique factors into account.

Technology Transactions

At Sosnow and Associates PLLC, we proudly aim to work with innovative clients who are seeking to disrupt the status quo, whether that be in finance, legal tech, blockchain, or intellectual property. We advise our clients as how to maximize capital while protecting their proprietary technology, encouraging the development of new ideas while staying within regulatory bounds.

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