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Sosnow and Associates combines the diverse backgrounds of team members with individualized services to establish client objectives and priorities, focusing on crucial issues from inception to close of any M&A deal.


Our team seamlessly collaborates with other stakeholders during the process to ensure comprehensive support is provided at every turn. In addition to Sosnow and Associates team members, we maintain strong working relationships with a variety of attorneys and service providers outside of the firm who provide additional support to our clients who may have unique needs.

Mergers and Acquisitions in Practice

Our Firm supports clients in every stage of M&A transactions, including the negotiation, formation and execution of deals including a wide range of acquisition transactions for buyers and sellers across many industries, including solicited and unsolicited transactions, stock-for-stock (and cash and stock combination) acquisitions, spin-off transactions and other divestitures, and acquisitions of majority and minority interests. We also have deep experience in joint venture transactions. In addition, the Firm facilitates post-merger transactions and any reporting requirements related to the M&A process.

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