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Our billing models include:

  • Flat Fees: These are fixed rate, defined scope transactions. The scope our services under the flat fee will be clearly explained in the legal services contract we provide to you for your review and during our initial consultation.
  • Traditional Hourly Rates: Our hourly rates depend on the attorney’s experience level. Sometimes hourly rates are preferred by clients over flat fees – particularly where the project scope is not yet definable or, on the other hand, very limited in scope. For these types of engagements, we request an up-front retainer, proportionate to the generally expected monthly billings or project value.
  • Hybrid Flat Fee / Hourly: These are engagements designed to be partially flat fee and partially billed based on our traditional hourly rates. This billing structure is typically available where the engagement contains multiple phases, some of which are suitable for flat fees and others not. Other times, this structure is used where flat fee is utilized, which covers a certain maximum amount of attorney time, and any time spent above such cap is billed hourly.
  • Monthly Subscription: Subscription billing is at a fixed rate on monthly basis. Subscription billing allows us to stay in close contact as your business evolves and grows, questions arise, and immediate legal support is needed. Subscription billing generally results in lower effective rates for clients who commit to a multi-month arrangement.

When do we bill?

We bill our clients at the beginning of each month by sending an invoice through Clio. Clio is a law firm billing software that facilitates our time keeping, invoice generation and collections process. Sometimes invoices are sent more frequently, or on client request.

You may use this link to pay your invoice now online.

Are there payment options?

Clients may choose how to pay. We accept all forms of payment for most matters:

Wire, check, ACH, or credit card. Payments can be made directly to our bank account or alternatively processed through Clio, which provides for ACH or credit card based payments.

For checks, please mail to our office address located at: 20 West 20th Street, Suite 804, New York, NY 10011.

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