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We’re dedicated to combining our years of experience in securities law with innovative legal practices, ensuring our clients receive comprehensive representation alongside industry-leading methods.

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Capital Markets

Achieving liquidity for your shareholders and raising capital in the public markets can be daunting, especially for first-time public issuers. Our firm has experience advising companies through the 'going public' process. Contact us for more information on our IPO, Direct Listing and Reg A+ services.

Equity Crowdfunding

Our firm has engaged in over 70 Reg CF raises for startups and emerging companies since Title III of the JOBS Act came into effect in 2016. Our passion has always been finding the best methods for fundraising for innovative startups, and we pledge to continue to fully support companies seeking to raise via equity crowdfunding.

The JOBS Act

Our firm has ground floor experience with the JOBS Act and is an active advocate for the equity crowdfunding industry. We recognize the power of the crowd and help our clients to leverage their networks through an equity crowdfunding offering. We bring our passion to each client matter, educating our clients about the various capital raising strategies available under the JOBS Act and the more recent amendments thereto.

Online Investment Platforms

The online capital raising arena is a highly regulated environment. This is the case even more so for online investment platforms not registered as broker-dealers or funding portals. These platforms face intense scrutiny from regulators. Our attorneys are prepared to advise on the nuances of U.S. securities laws to help you prioritize and achieve compliance.

Private Placements

Companies choosing to raise funds using a private placement may have unique regulatory needs. Sosnow and Associates PLLC’s extensive experience navigating the steps of a compliant private placement ensures that companies are supported during every stage of a raise, from structuring the offering to state blue sky notice requirements post-offering.

Regulation A+

Under the Regulation A+ securities offering exemption, issuers can raise up to $75M in unrestricted securities. Sosnow and Associates PLLC has experience supporting many issuers through Reg A+ raises and will utilize industry-leading processes during every stage of your fundraise.

Real Estate Syndication

Compliant capital raising for first time or serial fund managers requires optimal corporate structuring, clear and accurate disclosure, meeting deadlines and working through the nuances of U.S. securities laws. Our robust network of fund managers and supporting vendors are a testament to our passion and dedication to helping managers of all sizes conquer to pitfalls of capital raising.

Startups and Venture Capital

Entrepreneurs who are backed by venture capital need trusted and experienced legal guidance as they execute and scale. At Sosnow & Associates, we support entrepreneurs through cap tables exercises, structuring and advising through financings, negotiations with investor counsel and closing.

Tokenized Securities Offerings

Private companies seeking to raise capital may wish to take advantage of blockchain technology to digitize assets and ownership -- on chain. We have ground floor experience supporting businesses seeking to utilize this technological innovation in connection with capital raising or cap table management activities.

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