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Entrepreneurial Attorneys Serving Entrepreneurs

Our team of attorneys come from diverse backgrounds, hold various business related degrees, have international experience and pride the business minded approach we are able to offer our entrepreneur clientele. Moreover, our Firm has a deep rooted network in the alternative finance space, which we extend to you through introductions and our special events.


Taking your business concept from idea to execution begins with identifying the correct corporate structure for your venture. Our firm will work with you to choose your company’s jurisdiction of formation and appropriate entity type, ensuring your business is both protected and well-positioned from inception.

In addition to drafting and filing your incorporation paperwork, our legal team has the experience necessary to work with your company’s respective corporate formation documents including:

  • Operating Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • By-Laws
  • Founder Stock Purchase Agreements
  • Shareholders’ Agreements
  • Corporate Minutes
  • Board Resolutions
  • Shareholder Resolutions

Positioned for Success

Beyond the initial formation matters, we routinely work with our clients on equity structures and employment related issues. Our services include the drafting and tailoring of initial offer letters, employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, and equity-based compensation methods, including Equity Incentive Plans, Advisor Agreements and others.

For many of our clients operating in highly regulated environments, our relationship often evolves into an external general counsel type engagement. Utilizing technology to efficiently stay abreast of our clients' day to day activities, we are able to help you leverage opportunities and avoid pitfalls without delay. Our startup clientele are encouraged to consider our Core Subscription Plan to benefit from on demand, legal support.

Your Business On Chain

With broad digital securities experience, our Firm further assists clients who are eager to utilize blockchain technology to digitize stock records, set up innovative and easy-to-manage tokenized ownership and equity compensation systems and connect with key vendors operating in the blockchain arena.

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