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Our trademark practice provides our clients with innovative and progressive counsel on trademark filings and strategic portfolio management.


Often needing more than mere mark registration, research and filing assistance, we provide an interdisciplinary view in the course of defining our clients’ business and brand by also helping clients pursue and complete business transactions involving intellectual property portfolios containing trademarks, brand and digital assets, and creative content.

Trademark in Practice

From the earliest-stage companies who are first selecting their company name and seeking trademark registration, to middle-market companies who have established intellectual property portfolios, we provide a practical, business-focused perspective on trademark and brand protection. More specifically, we assist our clients with:

  • Screening, registration and filing marks for company names, products, slogans, logos and designs
  • Advice on corporate identity, associated mark selection, labeling and packaging
  • Trademark licensing, transfers and assignments and trademark handing in corporate and business transactions

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