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Our Mission

Since the inception of S&A, our mission has been clear.

To be a pioneering law firm focused on supporting startups and emerging companies through their corporate lifecycle, integrating cutting edge technologies to deliver top quality, efficient legal services to our innovative clientele.

Today, we’re on the pulse of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and online investment financing, and we have monitored their evolution to inform our own legal approaches—all in an age of uncertainty and innovation.

Innovation at work. It's what we do. 

Our Values

At S&A, we embrace 6 core values that represent who we are and how we work.


We seek quality talent and provide quality work product.


We utilize the best legal technology, or we build it.


We are equipped to effectively communicate with one another, our clientele, and complementary service providers to meet our clients' objectives.


We respect other living beings, our community, and our planet.


We are inclusive and promote diversity.


We support the wellness of our firm, team and clientele.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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