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The formation of a successful real estate investment syndication requires specialized knowledge in both the unique characteristics of pooled real estate investment vehicles and the exempt securities offering framework. 

Our team optimizes our clients’ experience navigating both of these complex business and regulatory practice areas by advising on applicable federal and state securities laws, working with fund sponsors and managers to develop and apply effective strategies that peak investor interest, and structuring and implementing relationship-building among principals of real estate funds and related management services providers.

Real Estate Syndication in Motion

Efficient representation of real estate funds in their formation, financing, and operation depends largely on the characteristics of the fund, its sponsor or sponsors, and its managers. With our diverse experience working with real estate investment funds from $250,000 to $100M in AUM, known, blind, and semi-specified strategies, and formed in states across the Country from California to New York, our streamlined process of fund term consultation, offering document package preparation, and securities offering compliance services leaves our clients confident in the future of their ventures.

Our Firm Provides Guidance at Every Stage of your Real Estate Syndication

Whether you are a first time syndicator or experienced fund manager, we have the experience to support you every step of the way. Our services include:

  • Advice and consultation regarding corporate structure, state of formation, and optimal entity type
  • Preparation of organizational documents and operating agreement or partnership agreement for fund and management vehicles
  • Advice and consultation regarding offering terms, including the introduction of blockchain based digital securities tokens to the offering or post-offering plan
  • Advice and consultation regarding optimal securities exemption that fits your unique capital raising strategy
  • Preparation of disclosure documents (i.e. private placement memorandum, offering circular or Form C, as applicable)
  • Preparation of subscription agreement and investor questionnaires
  • Advice and consultation regarding accredited investor verification methods, as needed
  • Advice and consultation regarding marketing rules and restrictions
  • Introductions to marketers, broker-dealers, accountants and other trusted vendors, as needed
  • Preparation and filing of all required SEC and state blue sky filings

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  • Real Estate Syndication in Motion
  • Our Firm Provides Guidance at Every Stage of your Real Estate Syndication

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