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Our deep understanding of longstanding regulations and current innovations means we can support our clients as they navigate and integrate these complex regimes into their business plans and operations.

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Blockchain Technology And Tokenization

As blockchain and cryptocurrency continue to grow in popularity, so do complex legal and regulatory issues relating to the deployment of these technologies. Sosnow and Associates PLLC is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal counsel to our clients maneuvering through these nascent markets.


Sosnow and Associates assists both prospective and established broker-dealer clients with compliance and regulatory matters. Whether you are seeking to secure broker-dealer registration Finra, support Reg A+ offerings, or exploring expansion into the digital securities market, our firm is prepared to assist.


Our dedication to innovation across all industries is reflected in the support we provide to our fintech clients -- from new startups to mature companies expanding their horizons. Our firm has supported the development of pioneering projects such as funding portals, digital asset exchanges, online fundraising platforms and other ventures designed to revolutionize the roles of traditional financial institutions.

Funding Portals

Sosnow and Associates PLLC has proudly supported the formation and registration of funding portals - a new class of intermediaries designed to support the equity crowdfunding ecosystem. Our dedication to Regulation Crowdfunding ensures that we give every effort to supporting funding portals in their creation, registration and development.

Investment Advisers

There are unique regulatory requirements associated with being an investment advisor, and our firm has experience with both the state and federal regulations impacting the services an investment advisor may render. Our attorneys help navigate the registration process and advise on proposed undertakings to ensure regulatory compliance today and as you grow.

Investment Companies

We represent both investment companies regulated under the Investment Company Act of 1940, and private funds structuring their activities in such a way to meet the available exemptions and exclusions under to investment companies under the 40' Act.

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