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March 5, 2021

New York Non-Profit Hosts Free Event on Reg CF Crowdfunding as a Turnaround Tool for Small Business

NEW YORK, FEB. 24, 2021 — The Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation, a New York City non-profit that provides support for entrepreneurs, announced today it will host a free event on how to use Reg CF Crowdfunding as a turnaround tool for small businesses. 

The March 18th virtual gathering will bring together top lawyers and crowdfunding experts for those in need of guidance as they try to survive the COVID-19 crisis and emerge resiliently. 

This event is the third in a new series of webinars, “Still New York,” which explore strategies for saving small businesses in New York City. 

This session will focus on how to make use of Reg CF Crowdfunding to give small businesses a chance to turnaround while forging a path forward. 

The expert panel will include the founder of the Crowdfunding Professionals Association and expert lawyers from Lewis Brisbois, Sosnow & Assoc. PLLC, and the founder of SMC Consulting a financial advisory firm. It will be moderated by award-winning journalist Brad Hamilton. 

Title III of the JOBS Act outlines Reg CF, a new capital-raising tool allowing private companies to raise up to $5 million per year. This is in addition to any funds raised from accredited investors pursuant to either Reg A or Reg D offerings. Like a Kickstarter campaign, Reg CF allows companies to raise funds online from their early adopters and supporters. Unlike Kickstarter, a rewards-based platform, Reg CF platforms (there are more than 60 of them currently approved by FINRA) can serve as intermediaries between issuers (private companies) and investors (both accredited and non-accredited), so that the issuers can offer equity or debt (revenue shares) to their investors and convert clients, customers and fans into stakeholders and sales agents for the business. 

The webinar will focus on how to use Reg CF as a turnaround tool, with advice from a panel of experts who are well versed in the challenges that small businesses face.

The webinar is FREE. 

Date: 3/18/21: 3:00 pm est – 4:30 pm est. 

To register, go to https://stillnycrowdfunding.eventbrite.com.

Our expert panel includes: Samson Williams (President, Crowdfunding Professionals Association), Robin Sosnow, Esq. (Founding Partner, Sosnow & Associates PLLC), Rob Rinderman, (Founder/President, SMC Consulting), Steven Holtzman (Partner, Lewis Brisbois), Brad Hamilton (Founder & Editor The Hatch Institute).

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