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February 13, 2019

CrowdCrypto News | November 24, 2018

Top Headlines

  • Bitcoin Slides Under $4,000
    Bitcoin slid under $4000 today as the cryptocurrency crash of late 2018 continues. At time of publication, over $700B of market value has disappeared as the market continues its downward spiral. The casualties? Investors who bought when the market was high in late 2017 and the companies who sold crypto mining components. (Bloomberg)
  • Norway Revises Tax on Energy to Attract More Mining
    Norway has removed a tax structure which previously allowed for miners to be taxed based on energy consumption in attempts to attract more mining firms, with environmentalists calling the revocation a “disaster”. (CCN)
  • Has Microsoft Supplanted IBM as the Leader of Blockchain?
    Microsoft’s new Blockchain-as-a-Service (Baas) platform has been ranked higher than IBM’s blockchain in a new research study conducted by market foresight advisory firm ABI Research, with the edge coming from the deep integration with Microsoft’s own Azure cloud service. (CCN)

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Crypto News

  • Early Bitcoin Investors Begin to Sell
    Large investors who were fortunate enough to buy Bitcoin at $1000 are beginning to sell for the first time since early 2017, perhaps signaling a low tolerance for potential further price drops during the market crash. (CCN)
  • Binance Invests $3M in Koi Trading
    The VC wing of crypto exchange company Binance has invested $3M into Koi Trading, an over the counter trading enterprise based in California. Binance hopes to continue building infrastructure globally that provides for the trading of cryptocurrencies. (CCN)

International Spotlight

  • ?? – European Banking Giants Launch New Blockchain Association
    Spanish bank BBVA has joined with four other European banking giants in launching a new blockchain association alongside the European Commission, the executive branch of the European Union. The association will attempt to outline the long-term EU strategies for blockchain use and adoption. (Coindesk)

Equity Crowdfunding

  • TokenMarket and DOVU Launch UK’s First Tokenized CF Campaign
    The first tokenized crowdfunding campaign in the United Kingdom has kicked off, with TokenMarket and DOVU partnering to raise money for DOVU’s token, wallet, and marketplace products. TokenMarket was accepted earlier this year into the Financial Conduct Authority’s Regulatory Sandbox and can now carry out security token offerings. (Crypto New Media)

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