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March 13, 2019

ON:chain Thought-Leadership Conference

ON:chain is launching its initial annual thought-leadership conference, ON:chain19, on Thursday, May 23, 2019. The intimate conference and networking event will be attended by industry leaders, family offices, and investment professionals focusing on the impact of blockchain on financial markets, institutional transactions, portfolio construction, and consumer behavior.

Our firm’s Partner, Robin Sosnow, is set to host the Women in Blockchain panel and will be on stage with leaders in technology, finance, venture capital, government, regulators and academics examining how the financial markets will be disrupted in the near future. The audience will be composed of financial professionals and investors, and those who are actually building this exciting new fintech ecosystem. Attendees will learn about the various, unexpected ways in which blockchain is disrupting our financial system and transforming the way people invest, save, transact, and plan for their future.

Conference chair Timothy Spangler, a leading FinTech legal and regulatory expert released a statement emphasizing “the need to create this new forum for a robust and intellectually rigorous discussion of how these technological changes will impact investment portfolios and financial decision-making in the near-term.”

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