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November 22, 2019

Spotlight on Sosnow & Associates


Sosnow & Associates is proud to announce that its Managing Partner, Robin Sosnow, was featured in the latest Protocol Newsletter, issued by Securitize on November 20, 2019.

Securitize asked Ms. Sosnow about her unique legal perspective of digital securities and her extensive experience helping multiple companies with their digital securities offerings (DSOs).

Ms. Sosnow discussed the founding and recent growth of Sosnow & Associates PLLC as well as its work with the digital securities industry. She learned about the JOBS Act before it was signed by President Obama and perceived the disruptive impact it would have on the fintech and startup industries. Ms. Sosnow founded our firm shortly thereafter, enabling her to support “first-adopter clients seeking to embrace the power of the crowd.”

To date, together with Ms. Sosnow’s partner in the Digital Securities Law Group, Simon Riveles, the firm has handled numerous digital securities offerings for clients ranging from issuers tokenizing capital stock to private funds in the crypto, venture, and real estate industries. Ms. Sosnow also opined as to how DSOs differ from traditional offerings, noting that the distinguishing factors are mostly rooted in how the rights and preferences of the security are structured. She also went on to describe the most common DSO misconceptions she encounters when working with issuers

In response to the idea that digital securities may eliminate the need for lawyers, Ms. Sosnow pointed out that “code is not law.” Even in the digital age, lawyers will be needed to assist clients in designing and executing on compliant strategies. When asked about the next steps in the evolution of the digital securities industry, Ms. Sosnow highlighted education and clear regulatory guidance as the most vital stimuli for increased adoption. The interview concludes with Ms. Sosnow’s personal opinion of the decentralized technological revolution, stating that she is excited for “the paradigm shift that is coming in the way securities are regulated inside the United States.”

We would like to thank Securitize for its trailblazing efforts in the digital securities landscape and for this opportunity to appear in this month’s Industry Spotlight

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