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February 15, 2019

CrowdCrypto Newsletter | December 15, 2018

Top Headlines

  • Gemini Launches Crypto Trading App
    Gemini has launched a crypto trading app with future plans to expand to the Asian crypto market. The Winklevoss twins stated that they’re “totally home in [crypto] winter” and reiterated their goal of attracting a diverse customer base with this recent foray into the retail market (Coin Telegraph)
  • New Growth Capital Fund to Encourage Adoption of Blockchain Applications
    Speaking of “Crypto Winter”, David Johnston has launched the Yeoman’s Growth Capital fund to encourage the widespread adoption of blockchain applications created by startups. Despite the current market downtrend, Johnston believes “this is the perfect time to launch a growth capital firm that can take all of these great technologies…and help bring them into enterprise and mass adoption” (Coindesk)
  • PayPal Launches Internal Blockchain Program
    PayPal has launched an internal blockchain program for employees for person to person token payments and trading. The platform rewards users in crypto tokens that can be used inside PayPal and the new platform to be redeemed for rewards (CCN)

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Crypto News

  • Crypto Startup Seed CX Cracks Down on Employee Trading
    Crypto startup Seed CX is cracking down on crypto trading by employees, acknowledging the potential bias that personal investment may cause for those working at the exchange. Employees are tasked with handing over all wallet addresses to the compliance team to monitor. (Coindesk)
  • What’re the Chances Bitcoin ETFs Are Approved in February?
    Attorney Jake Chervinsky, a government enforcement defense and securities litigator, posted a 20-tweet long missive citing evidence as to why he believes there is a less than 10% chance the Bitcoin ETFs will be approved on February 27. (Twitter)

International Spotlight

  • Venezuela Converts All Pension Bonuses into Oil-Backed Cryptocurrency
    Venezuela has converted all of their pension bonuses into the oil-backed Petro cryptocurrency, with the payouts originally deposited as fiat currency to  pensioner’s web-based wallets. The funds were then immediately withdrawn  and converted to Petro by the government and redeposited into the wallets. (Cointelegraph)

Security Token Corner

  • Tokenizing the World
    Using the JOBS Act and cryptocurrencies to tokenize the the world one company at a time: A primer by the CEO of StartEngine Howard Marks. (Medium)
  • OpenFinance Network’s Token Trading Platform Now Fully Operational
    OpenFinance Network has moved to full trading functionality on its security token trading platform with availability for both accredited and non-accredited investors both in the United States and abroad. The platform is supported by Securities, Atomic Capital, Harbor, Polymath, TokenSoft, Securrency and has partnered with crowdfunding platform Republic to “support a broad ecosystem of high-quality service providers, working with the most innovative companies to issue security tokens” according to CEO Juan Hernandez. (Crowdfund Insider)

Equity Crowdfunding Spotlight

  • California Attempts Intrastate Crowdfunding Rules
    California is attempting to launch intrastate crowdfunding rules in attempts to “fill the gaps left by the JOBS Act”, with hopes of reducing the costs of launching a campaign, including those incurred when fulfilling the reviewed financials requirements. (Crowdfund Insider)

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