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February 17, 2019

CrowdCrypto News | January 27, 2019

Top Headlines

  • Coinbase Integrates TurboTax Into Platform
    Coinbase has integrated tax filing software TurboTax on their platform for all users who need to file taxes in the United States this year and have crypto assets to claim. (Coindesk)

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Crypto News

  • Crypto Data Firm Questions Ripple’s Advertised Market Cap
    Cryptocurrency data company Messari has called into question Ripple’s advertised market capitalization after analyzing the liquidity and selling restrictions of the tokens currently in circulation. Ripple reports a circulation of 41B; however, research by Messari indicates that 19.2B of those tokens are subject to selling restrictions or are illiquid and should not be counted towards the current market cap. (Forbes)
  • More News on Bitlicense
    The New York State Bitlicense still hasn’t gone away, and we’re still covering it: Robinhood Crypto received one of the coveted Bitlicenses this week, allowing for current and future Robinhood users who traditionally used the app for stock trading to now interact with its crypto arm. (CCN)
  • Hyperledger Grid Seeks to Digitize Supply Chain Projects
    The Linux Fund has launched Hyperledger Grid in efforts to digitize supply chain projects. It is described as “an ecosystem of technologies, frameworks and libraries that work together, letting application developers make the choice as to which components are most appropriate for their industry or market model”. (Tech Crunch)

International Spotlight

  • ?? Rise of the Crypto Ecosystem in Malta Not All Positive
    The rise of the crypto ecosystem in Malta is not all positive, as the International Monetary Fund warned of increased risks of terrorism financing and money laundering after visiting the island and investigating the efforts of the burgeoning “crypto island”. (Coin Telegraph)
  • ?? Georgia Banks on Bitcoin
    The country of Georgia is banking on Bitcoin, as the number of cryptomining projects has skyrocketed due to cheap energy and huge tax discounts. In one example, the prime minister offered a $10M loan to San Francisco mining company Bitfury in 2015 to entice them to mine in Georgia. (New York Times)

Security Token Corner

  • tZero’s Security Token Launches
    As reported, tZero’s security token trading platform launched this week, providing accredited investors the opportunity to register via Dinosaur Financial Group, LLC. (Coindesk)

Equity Crowdfunding

  • OECD Report Supports Legal Framework for Blockchain Enterprises
    The Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development published a report analyzing the impact of initial coin offerings and small and medium blockchain enterprises. They found that a proper legal framework could protect investor rights and unlock significant capital-raising potential for small and medium blockchain enterprises. (Cryptovest)

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