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February 18, 2019

CrowdCrypto News | February 16, 2019

Top Headlines

  • JP Morgan Chase Enters Crypto Sphere with Its Own Stablecoin
    When institutional customers want to move money using JPM’s Quorum blockchain, JPM will convert the funds into JPM Coins, each one backed by a US Dollar. These services are at least initially intended for only institutional use cases within the JPM system. Will the regulators allow for broader use cases of the JPM Coin? (New York Times)
  • When Did Quadriga CX Founder Bury His Treasure?
    Quadriga CX’s founder buried his treasure five years before his death. Gerry Cotten disclosed on a 2014 podcast exactly how his exchange clients’ Bitcoin were stored. Paper wallets, bank vaults and the now not so safe, safes. Will the court appointed monitor be able to find the key? (Bloomberg)

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Crypto News

  • Does Your Phone Help You Trade Crypto?
    Is your phone designed to help you trade crypto? The HTC Exodus 1 certainly is. This new model is equipped with blockchain services to bring crypto to the masses. (Forbes)
  • Virginia Police Pension Fund Diversifies with Blockchain Investments
    This Virginia police pension fund is diversifying with blockchain investments. Up to 15% of their fund could be invested in cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin. Beyond buying BTC, the fund will invest in blockchain companies such as Coinbase and Bakkt, which Fairfax’s investment team considers “safer” investments. (CCN)

Security Token Corner

  • Is 2019 the Year of the STO?
    Is 2019 the year of the STO? Founder of OpenFinance Network, Juan Hernandez, in his interview this week with CFI, provides us with a market update. He details OFN exchange updates, the tokens now live trading, and the potential for trading digital securities sold pursuant to Reg CF and Reg A+ on the OFN platform. (Crowdfund Insider)
  • Why Security Tokens Are the Next Crypto
    Digital securities make headlines in Bloomberg this week in their primer on ‘STOs’ and growth projections for the year ahead. It’s evident that many believe that STOs are the new black, but how does one actually invest? (Bloomberg)

Popularity of Security Tokens has Trippled in a Three Year Period.

  • tZero Trading at Slower Pace
    Overstock.com’s tZERO token. (TZROP) is selling at a slower pace than expected since the platform launched 3 weeks ago. Trading volume is low, but there is much to learn from this platform’s launch and initial listing. (CoinDesk)

Equity Crowdfunding

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