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February 24, 2019

CrowdCrypto News | February 23, 2019

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Blockchain News

  • More Calls for a National Strategy for Blockchain
    The Chamber of Digital Commerce, a blockchain advocacy group, is calling for the U.S. government to implement a national strategy for blockchain. President of the organization, Perianne Boring’s, position is that “[o]ther developed nations are promoting the adoption of blockchain and digital assets. It is imperative that the U.S. also recognize the power and potential of blockchain technology. …We can either step forward as visionary leaders or risk falling behind.” (CoinDesk)
  • Dubai Plans “Smart City” Powered by Blockchain Tech
    Expo 2020 preparation is underway and Dubai has big blockchain goals. Its “Smart Dubai” initiative is a public-private partnership to create a smart city powered by blockchain technology. Is it really the world’s first as the article claims? We thought Brock Piere’s Sol f/k/a “Puertopia” was the first… In any event, the Dubai government is involved and their ambition is to become World’s First Blockchain Government by 2020. (Medium, NY Times)

Cryptocurrency Spotlight

  • SEC Settles with Gladius Network
    SEC settles unregistered securities charges with ICO issuer Gladius Network after self-reporting to the SEC. The company raised $12.7M near the end of 2017 in the form of nearly 24,000 ETH. The SEC press release is available here. (CoinDesk, SEC)
  • Is Voting Against a Fork an Anti-Trust Violation?
    Bitcoin Cash Miners claim that voting against a fork is not an anti-trust violation in their recent Florida based federal court filing. For a background on the lawsuit, involving Bitmain and Kraken, click here and scroll down towards bottom of page. (National Law Review)
  • Bitmain Posts Loss of $500M in Q3
    Bitmain also made news this week when it posted that it lost about $500M in Q3 2018 in fulfilling its reporting obligations to the Kong Kong Stock Exchange. HKEx is currently reviewing Bitmain’s IPO application first filed in September 2018. (CoinDesk)
  • BTC to $1M!?
    IBM Crypto Chief sets massive Bitcoin price target this week. (CCN)

Tweet from Fidelity Investments

Digital Securities Spotlight

  • Tokenized “Token Funds”?
    Tokenized “Token Funds”? Explore how a traditional LP interest can be tokenized too and the types of digital assets these funds are targeting.  (Medium)

A graph showing tokenized funds

  • Blockchain Enabled Capital Raising?
    Blockchain enabled capital raising? BlackBox Labs provides an in depth look at the emergence of digital securities offerings and the securities exemptions that come into play in a tokenized round. (Medium)
  • CEO Predicts Boost in tZERO Token Trading This Year
    Overstock.com’s CEO predicts a boost in tZERO token trading later this year when retail investors are able to join the exchange and the 1 year lockup period expires on the tokens. Patrick Byrne also appeared at the Oppenheimer event Wednesday in NYC where he shook up the crowd. Click here for a synopsis of his presentation. (CoinDesk)
  • CoinList Launches for Tokenized Offering in 2019
    CoinList launches for tokenized offering of 2019 – Ocean Protocol – which is seeking to raise $8M USD at $0.25 per token. The OCEAN token will be issued only when there is utility value, which its founder, Bruce Pon, interestingly says is “now”. (CoinDesk)
  • How Ownership is Recorded Using Distributed Ledger Technology
    How is ownership actually recorded using distributed ledger technology? A Medium writer provides us with a synopsis (using the generally accepted market lingo around “digital securities”). “It may serve best to consider Digital Securities as an infrastructure improvement in the existing securities markets.” Some of the main value adds that digital securities present as outlined in the article are listed below. (Medium)

Equity Crowdfunding

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